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          Literary Food Truck Festival

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          “Students selected five recipes that were inspired by their character or theme,” said Mrs. Alvarez. “And then worked in groups to choose at least three that they would make to share.”

          The project provided a fun way for students to explore the character’s personality, culture, setting, and role within the novel. Each dish had a connecting explanation. Peach ice cream and treats connected several of the characters back to Georgia. Deviled eggs represented how the character Mr.___ had a reawakening. Sweet & spicy brownies represented how the character Shug was a feisty, dynamic character.

          “I hope that students gained a deeper understanding of the major themes of book including family, friendship, redemption, overcoming obstacles, and finding God’s work in unexpected places and events,” said Mrs. Alvarez. “Additionally, I hope that students were able to connect with the characters in a deep and meaningful way by learning to have empathy for people who may seem different from them on the outside, but with whom they share many of the same hopes and dreams.”



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